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Purchasing Safer, BPA Free Cups for Your Family As our knowledge of the world grows and changes, many families are choosing to live their life in a way that is more conscious of the environment. We are also learning more and more about how what we consume effects our bodies, so people are changing their diets. Obviously, many individuals are trying to change what they do in their daily lives in order to make what they do better for the environment and for themselves. Plates, cups, and utensils are some of the first products to find that are eco-friendly. Glass water bottles and cups are a great purchase for yourself and for the earth. From the moment your child takes their first drink, if you’re a bottle feeder, you can be using a glass baby bottle for optimum health and wellness. Glass bottles are BPA free, and are more durable and very reusable. Glass bottles can be reused for every baby, as they withstand the test of time far better than any plastic bottle ever could. Even children from age one to three can use a glass drinking cup. Glass sippy cups are a wonderful step to bridge the jump to a regular glass cup or water bottle. If you’re concerned about giving something made of glass to a young toddler, many companies sell great silicone sippy cup sleeves. This way, the cup is not only less likely to slip, but also insulated in case it makes contact with any of the surfaces in your home. After your toddler is completely done with the sippy cup stage of water bottles, they can move straight up to a regular glass cup or water bottle that is in a smaller size.
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Grown adults and kids who are fully capable of cup drinking have a wide variety of options for glass drinking cups and bottles. Glass water bottles come in a variety of shapes and with a variety of customizable silicone sleeves. If diffusing fruit into your water is your thing, glass fruit diffuser water bottles are great to take on the go, especially to work or school. Having a fun new water bottle is always a great excuse to put your best foot forward and make a goal for being well hydrated throughout your day.
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It’s hard to unknow the facts when it comes to how drinking out of plastic containers can be hurting our bodies, as well as the planet that we live on. Glass bottles are available for every member of the family, and can start you out on a healthy and more eco-friendly lifestyle.