How to Handle a Car Accident Calmly

Car accidents are usually unexpected and the impact can be traumatic. It’s important for anyone who drives or even rides in a car to know what to do if they are even in an accident. Being prepared can help ensure anyone who is injured gets immediate medical treatment and the insurance claim gets filed quickly. Knowing how to handle a car accident could save a person a lot of stress later.

First Steps

The first thing to do after impact is to move to a safe place. Ideally, all drivers will move their vehicles to the side of the road. If this isn’t possible, anyone who is able to get out of the cars should do so and move to safety. If any passengers or drivers are hurt, someone should call 911 and inform the operator of the injuries. Regardless of the conditions of the vehicles, all drivers should remain at the scene until they receive instructions from law enforcement.

Filing a Claim

Many major insurance companies allow customers to file their initial claim online or through an app. The app allows drivers to take photos at the scene and send them directly to the claims adjuster. When the accident victim submits clear pictures from the accident scene, it’s much easier for the adjuster to determine which driver was at fault and the the extent of the damage to each of the vehicles at the time of the collision.

Settle the Claim

In most cases, the insurance claim is processed quickly and victims are paid to fix or replace their vehicles. If they have medical bills, it might take a little longer to settle a claim. Just about anyone who has been in a serious accident should be evaluated in an emergency room soon after the crash. This ensures they haven’t been hurt and if they have, they get the treatment they need right away. An attorney may help a victim settle their insurance claim if the adjuster isn’t willing to negotiate for a reasonable amount.

Accidents on the road are common and as long as people remain calm, they are often able to take care of the basic steps to handling a crash.