How to Manage Your Hair

Fear not, the good news is there are some simple things you can do to make sure your otherwise beautiful locks does not go into a strangling spree with itself. First thing first be careful of all the products that you use on yur hair. We all love and use them but just don’t use a ton. Be careful when picking your favorite serums, shampoos and conditioners. Keep in mind that higher the quality the better. This does not always mean the most expensive stuff. Surprise, surprise price does not always equate quality.

If you use more than four products at a time, your hair is most likely as confused as it can get. Simplify your life, save money and shed some of those chemicals by limiting those bottles on your bathroom shelf. You will save a bundle and your hair will thank you too.

If you have voluminous, dry hair, think twice before shampooing everyday – three times a week probably is more than enough. For days in between, go for a light rinse and condition the ends. Apple cider vinegar, hair extensions wholesale with its clarifying and balancing properties, is a great ingredient for rinsing on those in-between days. And most probably you already have it in your kitchen. Of course, your situation may vary but I am sure you will find that happy medium.

Some of us love our flat irons. Great time saver but not our favorite thing do to hair. So, be gentle by letting the hair air dry on wide rollers for half an hour while you apply your makeup or have a coffee. Add some smoothing hair oil to coat the hair prior to applying that heat. Blow dry first and use minimal flat-iron on the hair to keep it from getting brittle. Wet-to-dry flat-irons are one of the worst inventions for hair health; your locks will get frazzled and dry like never before.