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Purchasing Safer, BPA Free Cups for Your Family

There are still so many things about our world that we don’t know, but all the time we are figuring out ways that we can make better decisions about our purchases. Many individuals are also trying to make better decisions about what they ingest. It’s no surprise that with these changes, families are constantly trying to find the best products to replace some of the items that they use every single day. A simple way to do that is buying new water bottles and cups. Glass water bottles and cups are a great purchase for yourself and for the earth.

Starting with the youngest members of a family, if you’re using plastic baby bottles, you can easily switch them to baby bottles made from glass. Glass water bottles are easy to clean and sanitize, and they are also free of BPA which can be harmful to your baby. Glass bottles can be reused for every baby, as they withstand the test of time far better than any plastic bottle ever could.

Even children from age one to three can use a glass drinking cup. Children as young as one can easily manage a glass sippy cup. Handing a toddler a glass cup may feel like the beginning of a tragedy, but silicone sleeves can help reduce the drama. If your child does have a tantrum, as toddlers often do, when they drop the cup that has a silicone sleeve on, the sleeve will cushion the glass cup so that it won’t shatter on the tile or hard surfaces in your home. After your toddler is completely done with the sippy cup stage of water bottles, they can move straight up to a regular glass cup or water bottle that is in a smaller size.

Grown adults and kids who are fully capable of cup drinking have a wide variety of options for glass drinking cups and bottles. There are all kinds of cool glass water bottles and cups with multi-colored silicone sleeves that can be found both online and in stores. There are also glass diffuser water bottles that can give your drink some pizazz with a variety of fruit flavors of your choosing. Having a fun new water bottle is always a great excuse to put your best foot forward and make a goal for being well hydrated throughout your day.

It’s hard to unknow the facts when it comes to how drinking out of plastic containers can be hurting our bodies, as well as the planet that we live on. It’s an easy choice to start to transition from using plastic drinking cups and bottles, to using glass bottles and cups, for the benefit of yourself, your body, and your planet.
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