The Most Popular Reasons Car Dealerships Are Making The Switch To Consumer Portfolio Services

Managing a dealership requires an enormous amount of oversight and access to quality data to make business decisions that will increase sales and track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The vast array of dealership management portals doesn’t make choosing the best one an easy task. Rather than wasting time on inferior software solutions, be sure to find an option that provides the following benefits. This will make the day to day management of a dealership easy and provide owners and managers with the data they need to be effective at their jobs.

Direct Mail Advertisements

While the age of the internet now allows more people to communicate electronically, the availability of using direct mail is still an attractive option to car dealers large and small. Locate a software solution that provides easy to use design tools and maintains a customer database for distributing the advertisements. This will allow a direct mail campaign to be targeted and increase the return on investment and success of the advertising materials.

Payoff And Title Requests

Customers can be needy, but an all in one software solution will make appeasing the most difficult customers as easy as clicking a button. From calculating payoff amounts, loan balances, and processing title requests, an all in one software solution will provide every employee with the information they need at their fingertips. This can improve an employee’s work flow and allow them to provide a top notch customer experience.

Sales Data

One of the best ways to track the success of a car dealership is to have access to past sales data. This allows managers to compare a salesman’s numbers and determine who may need additional support and training. It can also track the financial stability of a dealership and enable them to determine when an expansion should be completed, and when average sales numbers have dropped.

Don’t make the job of managing a dealership harder than it has to be. Check out the complete solution available from Consumer Portfolio Services and see why more dealers are trusting them for financing, loan maintenance, and data reporting. They provide an affordable software solution that can propel any dealership towards a prosperous future.