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Things to Consider When Shopping for a Glass Baby Bottle

Glass baby bottles come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that you will have to be careful when evaluating available options. They are usually a valuable investment because they are harder to scratch, easier to clean, and have a longer lifespan. Educating yourself on how to choose such items would ensure that you do not make regrettable decisions. How do you approach choosing glass baby bottles?

You ought to consider quality and safety prior to making a decision. While glass makes a durable and safe material, it would be a bad move assuming that your particular brand of bottles is durable and safe. It is important to consider safety features. Safety coating ensures that the bottle does not chip on the inside, especially if your baby drops it. Chipping on the inside would put your baby at risk. Consider whether your choice bottle comes with a silicone sleeve. A silicone sleeves prevents shattering in case the bottle drops, something that is likely to put your baby in harm’s way. It is also important to research well to ensure that your choice brand of bottle is BPA-free. It is advisable to focus on bottles that come from reputable manufacturers.

You should make a decision regarding size. The size of bottle to choose should be dictated by how you would be using it. A bigger bottle is what you need if refilling it frequently would not always be possible. In case your baby would be drinking from it without help, a smaller, lighter bottle would be a good choice. Buying numerous bottles is an option, but many bottles would obviously be inconveniencing concerning transportation.

You should consider nipple style prior to buying your bottle. You should factor in shape, nipple flow, materials, and air vents. Silicon and rubber latex make the most common nipple materials. Silicone nipples are usually firmer and more durable compared to latex. Latex is softer, but it is susceptible to tearing. Wide-base nipples are better compared to narrow ones because they would not get into the baby’s mouth. This ensures that the nipple does not become a choking hazard. An air vent prevents the ingestion of bubbles, which can cause colic. Fast-flow nipples dispense more water.

You ought to ensure that the bottle is easy to assemble and leak-free. You ought to focus on bottles with no potential of leaking. Since you would be required to assemble the same frequently, you should choose one that you can assemble even while in a moving car. Water bottles with more parts offer a lot concerning features, but the more the parts, the higher the possibility of leakage. An easy to assemble bottle would also be easier to clean.
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