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All about Public Notary

There is a public official called a notary and he plays an important role in laws and businesses. In almost all your agreements and contracts that you perform out there, you will need legal backing and proof. A notary public is an important public official because he is the one who administers signatures, conducts oaths and affirmations and also issues subpoenas. They play such roles because they are legally empowered. If you would like to become a notary, it is simple. Many times, for applicants to secure a notary position, they will have to pass some tests and also go through some backgrounds. In addition to that, an age of 18 years will have to be attained by the applicants. If you would like to be a notary, you should also be a citizen there.

An educational course, filling out notary application forms and also paying some fees to the commissioning authorities will have to be done by the applicants apart from the above mentioned steps. After that, they will take an oath of office at the county clerk before they are certified as public notaries. They will then be sent to offices after they have obtained a notary bond. However, these requirements do not apply in every country for you to qualify as a public notary. Different qualifications are found in every country, and they have to be met so that you may be certified as a public notary.

Notary public bond and notary public insurance are not the same officials. You should know their differences because it will help you distinguish them. Notary public insurance protects the notary from financial liability. They protect them from financial liability because some errors happen when performing notarization duties. The public is protected only by the notary public bond, and that’s why notary public insurance is different from them. Insurance companies are the ones that provide the bond that the public notaries have. You can also submit your property to serve as security.

For a notarial procedure to be complete, the signature and seal of a notary will have to be there. You will have to look for a signature and seal because these things are the ones that shows the notarial procedure is genuine. To prove the person is a notary public, the signature and seal also have to be present. What have to be present in the seal is the name of the notary, state seal, notary commission number and also words such as notary public. If the expiration date is left out by mistake, the text is considered to be valid. A notary will stay in the office for only four years.

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