MDCB The First Ever Dot Com Business Franchise

Imagine if there was a system online, where a team of experts did all the selling for you. I am sure you have dreamed of having that ultimate dot com lifestyle where you can simply wake up at any you want, walk downstairs without even getting dressed and check your computer or laptop to see how much money you have made while you were sleeping. Notice I said how much money ‘YOU’ have made, well what if we could even re-phrase that….. so you check your computer or laptop to see how much your ‘TEAM have made ‘FOR YOU’ while you were sleeping… and I am not talking MLM or networking marketing team, I am talking about a professional sales team who get on the phone, run live webinars and even contact your leads via direct mail and do the selling on your behalf.

Introducing the My Dot Com Business Franchise and My Dot Com business license.

MDCB is a totally done for you system that two of the biggest names in internet marketing who are multi millionaires have put together where they do all the selling for you.

Here is how the amazing MDCB system works. They build you one of their cash generating websites that converts cold traffic into buyers all day long by providing high quality products which include traffic generation video courses and even best selling software, these product sell for between $1 and $49 and convert like crazy. They teach you their secret traffic methods which enable YOU to flood your site with buyers for these $1 products and up to $49 products. And when I say secret traffic methods, I mean imagine being able to get results like this on a daily basis. If you can see that screens shot below, you will learn how to get visitors to your profit generating website for as little as one tenth of a penny!mdcb traffic hack

Once your new buyers of $1 products and up to $49 products are locked under you in your site, this is where the magic happens. Now the MDCB sales team will now ENABLE YOUR BIG CASH PAYDAYS by….

Doing all the selling for you on high ticket items via… direct mail (through the post) You make up to $5000 commissions, they take the actual address from the persons verified paypal address and mail out a high converting sales letter, this is huge because:

Direct Mail is 100% delivery guaranteed and 56% of people believe that printed marketing is the most trust worthy form of communication. 66% of consumers keep their mail for over 2 weeks, Even in today’s digital world direct mail gets 44% of people to go to your website. (Compare that to your 5 or 10% email open rate if you have ever done email marketing).

The team also contact your leads via telephone – you earn up to $5000 commissions, the MDCB developers have created a code that allows them to get the personal telephone numbers of your buyers via paypal verification, so when they get on the phone and do the selling for you, the commission is yours!

Skype – you make $5000 commissions, the development team also have a piece of software which enables them to get the Skype details of your buyers and contact them via skype.

Webinars – you make up to $5000 in commissions. All of your buyers are automatically added to a live weekly webinar, a free live training call where the MDCB franchise team teach your buyers all about the MDCB opportunity including the mdcb license, mdcb franchise and all the various levels.

it doesn’t even stop there, the My Dot Com Business Team have in place more software to locate and track your buyers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and all over social media and get offers to them which is tracked to you as they are YOUR buyers – you make up to $5000 commission, and even Text Messaging, the mdcb sales team have their own in house dedicated text messaging team that will follow up with your buyers direct to their cell phone via SMS. And of course they also use the good old email marketing methods with their tried and tested email marketing using deep knowledge of  attention grabbing headlines, high converting email swipes, sent out for you. ALL of this to help get you amazing sales on a daily basis.

It is actually impossible to fail using this system because, ‘they do all the selling for you’ and even guarantee your first few sales to get the ball rolling. To get on the NEXT live training call you can visit , if the webinar has already ended, bookmark the page and check back again soon because new webinars are scheduled either weekly or as more positions become available. You can also visit the official MDCB franchise website to learn more about the various levels and commissions available to you at