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There Is Beauty in Protecting Elephants

Elephants are one of the beauties of wildlife and they should be protected by all means possible. While there are people spending sleepless nights wondering how to protect the elephant species in Africa, there are so many people who are always planning ways through which they will kill these elephants and get the tasks or the ivory. This has become a prevailing problem and threat to the elephant family in Africa. Today, there are organizations established and these organizations are protecting elephants and you need to join hands with them hence saying no to elephant poaching and killing. There are some fundamental things that you need to facilitate as a way of being involved in this campaign and these things are pinpointed all across the article.

The very first thing that you need to get acquainted with is the rate at which elephants die or get killed in Africa. Generally, only some few countries in Africa have elephants. Decades ago, the number of elephants was at a million plus but this number has reduced drastically to some thousands which is very saddening. The rate at which the animals are being killed at is high and even though they are reproducing, the numbers are reducing. You are therefore obligated with the task of marching forward to saying no to the killings of elephants recorded today. This means that you are never part and parcel of dealings that will directly or indirectly contribute to elephants being killed.

As the demand for ivory skyrockets in the world, the number of elephants being killed on a daily basis tends to increase as well. Therefore, the more the demand for ivory, the more the number of elephants being killed. Populaces need to abhor animal trafficking and this is where a person gets to settle for the legal ways of doing things. Therefore, people that are trading ivory are trafficking it through the black markets which is very illegal.

When ivory is carved, it becomes appealing to the eyes availing a sophistication appearance and many people love these carvings. It is where you say no to owning and having ivory products and carvings that you become a loyal ambassador of protecting elephants. Saying no to ivory helps plummet and jettison the demand entirely and this will definitely help reduce and eliminate the killings of the elephants progressively.

It is through the donations that populaces avail to the organizations protecting elephants that their course is met. There is therefore no doubt that you will be protecting the elephants and the entire wildlife family by your kind gesture to these organizations as they will manage to fund their errands and have people in the places where elephant killings are rampant.

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