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What Should You Do When You Face A Trademark Infringement Claim?

It’s not uncommon for a businessman utilizing the Amazon marketplace to suddenly find themselves in a case involving trademark infringement. Although everything may seem good right now with your brand or your store, many things may happen and it is always better to have a plan even if you’re not currently facing a trademark infringement claim. Chances are, this is still an uncharted territory for you and to make sure that you handle it correctly when it happens, here are some tips that you need to remember.

There are two ways on how you can receive a trademark infringement claim. It can either be from the site itself or it can also be from the one making the claim. Your response to the claim is going to be important in how it’s going to turn out so, it is always better to have an attorney you can talk to quickly and help you with what you’re experiencing. There’s no doubt that such an attorney would be able to make the right decision regarding your business, as he may have already dealt with the kind of situation you are in.

Responding to the claim can either be in a defensive form or you can also make an offensive instead. Given that you are sure of your brand’s legality, you can also choose to counter claim on the trademark infringement claim and turn the tables around. Make sure that you have the right proofs on your though and consult your attorney if the proofs you have are enough to help you win the case.

Choosing the right trademark infringement lawyer is also critical if you wish to make sure that you are able to handle the case well. There’s no doubt that you can get heaps of lawyers to choose from today but, it is always great to get recommendations, have a detailed discussion with references or read online reviews in the market. You can get wonderful recommendations from people you are acquainted with, read reviews on various review platforms and directly call past clients or references of the company.

Just like any other cases, this kind of claim can go two ways: either you succeed or not. You need to always remember that your business is hanging by a thread in this kind of case and you have to be careful that your response would always be on-point. If things go down against your favor, it may either just be a simple removal of your products online or it can even become the suspension or even removal of your business account on the site.

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