How to quit smoking weed

So you finally decided you are going to quit smoking weed and now you are looking for some help or advice to point you in the right direction. I smoked weed almost everyday for about 9 years straight and I know a thing or two that can help you when it comes to how to quit smoking weed.

I started to smoke cannabis when I was just 15 years old, just the occasional spliff which soon turned into regular smoking of a pipe and bong. Eventually just before my 25th birthday, I realized how much wasted time and money I had flushed down the drain on this drug, and it is a drug. I decided it was time to quit smoking for good and I was determined to see it through despite my so called friends calling me names and saying I would never do it.

The psychological addiction which comes from smoking weed every day is stronger than people think, someone who has never smoked can not begin to understand how hard it is to suddenly quit cold turkey but thats the way it has to be. Then there are those who do smoke and claim that weed is not addictive…. well let me tell you they are either (a) lying to you or (b) just can’t admit the fact that they are an addict. Just think for a moment what defines an addict…. someone who feels and urge or need to do something everyday just to feel ‘normal’. So therefore whether you gamble every day, drink vodka everyday or smoke weed every day… whatever your addiction may be… it IS an ADDICTION.

There are also many new variables and factors which make it harder to quit weed in todays times than it ever was before, such as…

Weed on the streets today is far more stronger and contains a higher volume of THC than ever before, new hybrid plants are being created with the sole purpose of developing stronger more a potent ‘hit’ than used to be available. A few years ago 90% of all cannabis was imported and came in resin form which was less strong, but nowadays 90% of weed on our streets is grown in our own countries and is PURE bud. It hits the endorphins in your brain like bomb and that’s what makes it so highly addictive not only psychologically but even physically too, remember it is a chemical you are feeding your brain everyday, when you stop, it is possible to find it hard to sleep, become irritable and experience other withdrawal side effects.

The way to succeed in quitting weed is to hit it from both angles…

Keep your mind occupied with a new hobby or other interest, and try to find something to occupy your time that is productive and beneficial in other ways. Now would be a perfect time to take up a new sport or go back to playing a sport you used to love but left behind when you got heavily into smoking weed. Along with the support of friends and family you can quit and give yourself back a better quality of life and a healthier body. For more help and advice on how to quit smoking weed you can visit


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