Leverage Amazon’s Advanced Fulfillment Technology In Your Business

Have you ever wondered how to leverge the power of amazon.com and how to use FBA in your business?

If you sell it, Amazon will pack and ship it for you.  Your business can benefit by using Amazon’s amazing fulfillment network and its latest technology.  The Amazon FBA program allows you to store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers until they are ready for shipment.  Amazon then packs and ships the products directly to your customers.  FBA provides exceptional customer service for your customers, which makes potential customers very satisfied.

You do less work, but you can still benefit from the expertise and experience that Amazon provides via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).  Take advantage of the following benefits:

1.Get Eligibility for Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime
Who doesn’t love Amazon Prime and free shipping?  If your products are in the FBA program, your products are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime.  The listings make customers aware that these two options are available.

2. Pricing that is Affordable and Competitive:

When your products are listed on Amazon.com, they are sorted by the price.  They don’t show a shipping price.  This is because they are going to ship for free via the Free Super Saver Shipping or via Amazon Prime.  This is going to make customers very happy, and it will keep you heads above the competition.

3. Trustworthy Customer Service and Returns Policy:

A FBA listing will show the “Fulfillment by Amazon” logo.  This alerts customers to the fact that these products are packed and shipped via Amazon.  As a result, this lets potential buyers know that they can count on great Amazon customer service.  They also know that if anything happens during shipping, it will be handled and corrected by Amazon.

4. Ship Order from other Channels:

FBA can also fulfill orders from channels.  You track and monitor inventory by using your user interface.  You can also tell Amazon to return inventory when the need arises.

A Small Seller’s Guide for Scaling a Business

Previously, it was only the big companies that had a competitive advantage, but FBA has changed this within the last few years.  Previously, it was possible for someone to sell products out of his garage and make decent money.  But if he wanted to earn a huge income he had to make a few changes.  This usually involved finding more inventory space and hiring new employees to pack and ship products.  Small businesses always have problems finding additional inventory space, and they don’t have the extra time or manpower to sell additional products.  This limits income potential.

Usually a small business only has a limited amount of space for inventory storage.  Also, they don’t have enough time or people to ship and pack products.  The more orders that come in, the more of a challenge it becomes to fulfill them.  Also, how does this type of business owner find the time to go on vacation or have any down time?

Amazingly, FBA allows you to sell as many products as you want.  Small business owners don’t have to worry about limited inventory space, time or a lack of manpower. FBA gives them the same competitive advantage that big companies have.  If you have the products, you can sell as many orders as you want per day.  If you have the right amount of inventory, you could sell your products with only a small amount of space.